• Smart Parking

    If you spend 10 minutes each day on looking for available parking spots, that means 240 hours each year and up to 700 days in your lifetime. With Enyuka City's Smart Parking solution you can save that time for more meaningful activities!

    When using Smart Parking solution you can reduce up to 40% green gas emissions. Make your citizens healthier and happier, use technology to improve people's life!

  • Water Level

    One of the results of climate change are more frequent floods, that may cost you an enormous amount of money. Using Enyuka City's Flood Preventing system you can avoid these expenses.

    By monitoring water level we can quickly and automatically notify services that can take care of excessive water levels, preventing flood and damages caused by it.

  • Air Quality

    Increased needs for energy, more and more people living in the cities, increasing number of cars and using fossil fuels leads to bad air quality.

    Air pollution causes 467,000 premature deaths a year in Europe alone. Use Enyuka City's Air Quality sensor and monitor air pollution level in your city.

  • Cleaner air

    Even as our solutions will not completely get rid of polluted air, we can reduce smog in the cities, lowering additional health-care and environmental costs.

  • Better living

    We believe that technology should serve people.

    Improving people's lives with data and technology - that's what smart cities should work.

  • Insights

    Having many aspects of your city measured, you can get meaningful insights based on that. Traffic data can help you organize traffic better, air quality information can help you improve fossil fuels related policies, using infrastructure health sensors can prevent catastrophe.

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Reduce carbon footprint

Without reducing carbon footprint in our cities, we're going to witness increased impact of climate change.


Our current solutions are only part of bigger vision we have for the cities, please contact us to get more information about future products.


For a better world

With our current and future solutions we aim to help local governments improve quality of living in the cities.

Our mission is to reduce causes and effects of climate change.